30 years experience has taught me a lot of things about what works best in this industry.  My friends just think of me as good ole Dave but my customers think of me as an artisan or master craftsman.   There is a different between hiring me and hiring my competition, you see with my years of experience I’m more of a professor in this field where as my competition are more like recently graduated students.  I cant compete with fancy presentations on a computer, if thats what makes the sale for you then go for it, the young foke have to eat too.  Think about this though, if you needed a life critical surgery and you had an option between the doctor that had just finished his residency or the doctor who has performed the surgery a 1000 times, which would you choose ?  When I was a nurse in the army 32 years ago I took up a night job at a cabinet shop.  When my term was over I went full time into the wood working business.  To leave a potential career in the medical field to purse building cabinets I must have truly loved wood working.

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